Concept of CSC

It follows 11 ideas of the founders of the cooperative movement. These include:

Respect for human beings In order for human beings to live as human beings, they must have a people-centered system, not assets. In this sense, capitalist society worships property and money, while the cooperative movement prioritizes human dignity.
Unity In order to make economically disadvantaged people live like human beings, they need to be called upon and united. It was believed that if we unite and work together, we will develop a sense of human dignity.
Mutual assistance Mutual assistance is based on the idea that personal development develops in the course of relationships with others.
Loving others is the antithesis of capitalist selfishness and self-centeredness, which is based on love and order and is aimed at self-sacrifice, happiness, and love for others.
The idea of ​​self-development Everyone can constantly change themselves, believing that it is possible to change one's destiny, and that this requires effort.
Self-reliance is the idea that a person joins a cooperative of his or her own free will, not under duress, and that the cooperative can operate independently without outside help or pressure.
Freedom Cooperatives will be able to enjoy freedom based on their independence. Freedom can be exercised through regulation and accountability.
Equality A cooperative is a group of individuals, but it is a non-property centralized structure. This is the biggest difference from a capital-focused private business. Cooperative members have the right to participate and make decisions, which means that every member has equal rights.
Democracy In order to achieve equality, the concept of democracy is considered. All decisions and actions must always be democratic and cannot be decided by any privilege or individual opinion.
Nonprofits Cooperatives do not accept the for-profit activities of capitalism and adopt non-profit activities as their concept.
Integrity is the principle of fairness that eliminates the injustices that are common in for-profit activities.

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