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Baby camel wool product


For thousands of years, nomadic herders in Mongolia have been herding camels in the harsh climate of the Gobi Desert. As a result, a wide variety of indigenous camel breeds have emerged, and the Mongolian Two-Humped Camel has all of these good qualities.

This product is made by combing 1-year-old camel wool from a selected region of Mongolia. Baby camel's wool is made from the Gobi region, which has a harsh winter and hot summer climate. The product is durable, fluffy, available in 3 colors (beige, light brown, brown) and is a very soft warm product with heat retention.

Herder households combed the wool very carefully without shearing or bothering the animals. At the cooperative level, torom wool is collected, sorted and processed by experienced domestic factories.

By purchasing this product, you will contribute to the sustainable income of herder households, the future of the Two-Humped Camel, and the Gobi pastures.



Yak is an environmentally friendly and pasture-friendly animal, as it lives in the highlands of Altai and Khangai and is inaccessible to other species.

The yak is a wonderfully adapted animal to the very cold climate due to its warmth and comfort, which is a special feature of its wool. In addition, yak wool is very resistant to odors and requires less washing.

About 400 g of pure wool can be produced from each yak. Nomadic herders collect yak wool by hand by combing wild animals every spring. The total yield of yak wool in Mongolia is 80 tons.

The United Yak Brand was established to make the best use of this rare and valuable resource. Through this brand, cooperatives and herders can be connected, increase the income of herders and members by increasing quality and efficiency, and members can produce high quality products. aims to deliver a guaranteed and luxurious product.

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