Healthy Rangelands

Healthy Rangelands

Global production and product selection have changed dramatically in recent years. For example, consumers want products made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Due to this global trend, the reputation and value of Mongolian livestock raw materials and products is growing. SDC's PHC project and the Mongolian Pastureland Users Association have been developing the “Responsible Nomads” tracking system since 2017 in cooperation with Digital Medical Company in accordance with international standards.

The system standardizes every step from the herder's hometown to the end user, based on information technology-based certification, so that herders and PUGs can adopt pasture sustainability and pasture management practices to ensure the best quality livestock raw materials (yaks). wool, wool, cashmere, hides, skins, and meat) and thus create a “Responsible Herder” who receives economic incentives.

One of its most important indicators is Healthy Pasture Indicators. In order to assess healthy pastures, the pasture photomonitoring data of the ALAGAC will be analyzed and the condition of the pastures will be determined and the pastures will be classified according to the degree of degradation.

In determining the condition of the pastureland, statistical processing of the data is carried out taking into account the pasture productivity of the year, the percentage of key species and the classification of regenerative capacity. As a result, it is possible to produce healthy, high-quality products from healthy pastures, and existing consumers can control it. The fresher the pasture, the less degraded it is

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