Inventory has been conducted on herder organizations, natural resource management groups and cooperative in eastern aimags

Mongolian national federation of pasture user groups made a contract with "Improving Adaptive Capacity and Risk Management of Rural Communities in Mongolia (ADAPT)" project to inventory of herder organization, natural recourse management groups, cooperatives and reforming of natural resouce use agreement.

Results 1. An inventory and registration of groups, herder groups, and cooperatives operating in the field of appropriate use and protection of water, forest, and land (hay, rangeland) resources in 27 soums of 2 provinces was made, and the registration database was updated.

Result 2. The implementation and problems of water, forest, and land (hay, rangeland) resource use contracts of groups, communities, and cooperatives with the participation of herders operating in the soums of the two target provinces were studied, and the revised model of the contract was developed and discussed. It includes:

Research and evaluation of water, forest, hay, and rangeland resources of groups and communities with the participation of herders, proper use of water, forest, hay, and rangeland,  implementation of conservation activities, research and evaluation, and based on that, "agreement for the community to own a certain part of the forest fund", "agreement for the ownership of a well", “rangeland use agreement" model was revised and then presented to relevant professional organizations of the two target provinces, soum Governor specialists, and soum citizen representatives for discussion and opinion gathering. Also, it is important to study the laws and regulations related to the conclusion of the contract, to develop the documents comprehensively in accordance with the relevant legal norms, and to jointly prepare the draft legal documents to be issued by the relevant authorities and officials and hand them over to the project unit as a recommendation.

Result 3. According to the updated or reformed model of the contract, there is a need to establish two new herders' groups that include 18 herder households in the area of "Huuvriin Bulag" in the 1st group of Dariganga Soum, Sukhbaatar Province, and 20 herder households in the area of "Zamtiin Bulag" in the 3rd group of Tuvshinshiree Sum, respectively. Identified and organized a training in this field with the participation of representatives of soum governor specialist and governor, herders and provided them with professional and methodological recommendations.