Science-led upgrading of soum livestock

 During the 5th National Pasture Forum held in September, 2022 in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag, the School of Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences and the Research Institute of Animal Husbandry jointly made a joint presentation on the methods for increasing haymaking resources and hay quality, as well as the creation of small stock nucleus herds.

Dr.B. Baasanjalbuu, a lecturer of the MULS said that the leaders of the herder groups of the soum, and livestock specialists, and the teachers and researchers of the University have jointly established a cooperative "Ikhtamir Trust" in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag, The unit has been operating since May, 2019. It focuses on the upgrading soum livestock productivity along with increased of fodder supply, and providing training and advice to herders and livestock enterprises.

The cooperative works with the soum specialists and herders through providing training and advice on adjusting the number of livestock to the carrying capacity of natural pastures and helping how estimate off-take of herd vs the size of existing herds.

Under the support of the "Pasture Management based on Pasture Users" sub-project of the Green Gold-Animal Health Project, the University of Life Sciences and the Arkhangai branch of the University, in cooperation with teachers, researchers, and students organize various field demonstrations on haymaking and making silage making in the local area. In addition, trails to use  local resources make high-quality mixed feed and optimize the digestibility and nutrient quality of the silage by mixing with raw materials in appropriate proportions.

As per the reduction of size of soum herds and sale of livestock for meat at growing age along with the improvement of livestock feed quality, an on-site contracted work to adopt best skills the PUGs “Ikh khujirt”, “Khunuin gol” and “Khongor-Ovoo” are being provided by the sub-project “PUG-based sustainable livestock management” of the " Green Gold-Animal Health Project. Under the contract, some 654 lambs of PUGs “Ikh khujirt” and “Khunuin gol” were castrated by the electromagnetic method followed by fattening on otor to put more weight on. A 3-year herd turnover calculations were performed for the households involved in the scheme.    

Members of "Ikhtamir Trust" cooperative:

Project team members Scientific degree Organization and position
1   D.Bat-erdene Bachelor Director,  National Agricultural Research Service, animal husbandry
2 G.Chuluunbaatar Ph.d Executive Director, Animal Husbandry
3 B.Baasanjalbuu Ph.d Chairman of the Supervisory Board, veterinarian
4 Sh.Oyunjargal Master Animal husbandry
5 L.Otgontuya Master Botanist
6 P.Davaasanbuu Master Animal husbandry
7 Kh.Altantuya   Leader,  Khukh Nuur PUG
8 T.Otgontsetseg   Leader,  Ikhhujirt PUG
9 D.Gankhuyag   Leader, Altansandal PUG