NFPUG was appointed as focal point of Regional Support Group (RISG) meeting of Central Asia & Mongolia for International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP)

Online meeting was organized Regional Support Group (RISG) of “Central Asia & Mongolia” for International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) on 21 Dec 2020. For this meeting total of 16 people participated involving central Asia pastoral alliance members from Kyrgyz, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and other professional organizations working in rangeland management.

Introductions and discussions:

Getting to know each other round-the-mike introduction (facilitated by Ms. Ms. Lena Michler and Ms. Kuluipa Akmatova). Participants introduce their name, organization, title, and how he or she interested/or involved to rangelands and pastoralists issues, and why they thinking about the importance of IYRP.

Update of overall goals and strategies, history, etc. for IYRP on the behalf of ISG and follow up Q&A (introduced Hijaba Ykhanbai, facilitated by Ms. Kuluipa Akmatova and Ms. Lena Michler ).

Mr.Hijaba Ykhanbai made a presentation on behalf of the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) Support Group, which includes representatives of organizations and institutions from around the world who have strong interests in pastoralist and rangelands issues and who have worked for the past five years to gain a United Nations designation for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists.  In the presentation he   focuses on three topics: (1) the background on the history of the International Year initiative; (2) the current status of the initiative; and (3) how members of the region can become involved.

Discussions about the geographical composition of “Central Asia and Mongolia” RISG(all participants)

 Results: Participants fully agree with the  composition of “Central Asia and Mongolia” RISG, and noted that it’s single region and there are no need any sub-region(s ) inside  of “Central Asia and Mongolia” RISG, however suggested to use clusters of CAPA , as sub-groups on specific thematic issues of Rangelands and Pastoralists;

            Selection of Chair of the RISG and its representative in the RISG, selection of a representative for the Global IYRP Communications Team and others (discussed among all participants, by suggesting names for proposed nominations from the floor, and then agreed with the participants by each selection). Results on selections are:

Chair of the RISG “Central Asia and Mongolia”-

  Dr.Hijaba Ykhanbai, JASIL, Mongolia , [email protected]


Representative in the RISG  from “Central Asia and Mongolia” RISG

 Ms. Kuluipa Ahmatova, RDF, Kyrgyzstan,[email protected]


Country focal points for RISG“Central Asia and Mongolia”

Kazakhstan- Kuralay Karibayeva- [email protected]

Kyrgyzstan- Abdumaklik Egemberdiev - [email protected];

Uzbekistan- Mirzohid Yuldashev, [email protected]

Mongolia- Nyam-Ochir Gankhuyag, [email protected] ( By the suggestion

 of Dr.Tungalag U., during the meeting, Mongolian participants agreed on that additionally).


Communication team of RISG: 


Ms.ShynarToilybayeva,CAREC/IESD,Kazakhstan,[email protected], Ms.Elvira Maratova, Kyrgyz Jayity, Kyrgyzstan,  [email protected], Ms.Namuulan Gankhuyag, NFPUG, Mongolia, [email protected], and

Dr.Hijaba Ykhanbai, JASIL,Mongolia, coordinator, [email protected]


Also meeting participants suggest that existing CAPA cluster leaders,  could lead  sub-groups and recommend to support RISG actions for IYRP in the Region on following  thematic areas, such as   Mr.Aitkhul Burkhanov, KAFLU, [email protected], on “Agroforestry”; Mr.Egenberdiev Abdumalik, KJ,[email protected],  on “Policy Reform”;  Dr.Karibayeva K, IESD, [email protected],  on “Traditional Knowledge, and gender issues”; Mr.Gankhyuag N., NFPUG, [email protected]- on “Rangeland Monitoring”; and  Dr.Hijaba Y.,  JASIL, [email protected],  on “Common /Community Land”.

Discussions on adapting the "IYRP 12 Monthly Themes” to regional priorities and Brainstorming/strategizing on priority next steps; assigning tasks; agreement on next meeting  (moderated by Dr.Hijaba Ykhanbai, Chair of RIG)

The  "IYRP 12 Monthly Themes” will more deeply discuss  at National level in the specifics of each country, and results will reported in the next meeting of RISG by country RIG Focal points.

The regional strategy and priority actions were discussed, such as advocacy, networking and policy support for IYRP, and involvement of more stakeholders to these activities, such as government agencies, donors, research institutions, INGOs, NGOs, local associations, PUGs, and pastoralists. In thematic areas was underlined importance of rangeland management with ecosystem restoration, including water shortage with agroforestry, desertification, land degradation, and rangeland tenure system in CA. It was suggested that leaders of CAPA clusters to link these priorities with the existing strategy and work plan of each cluster. Participants also recommend that RISG“Central Asia and Mongolia” to work under the guidance by ISG, IYRP Global Communication team,   and the Mongolian NSG for IYRP.

Next meeting of RISG“Central Asia and Mongolia” was preliminary agreed to organize on 22 January, 2021 (at 3:00 pm Bishkek and Almaty, 5:00pm in Ulaanbaatar, 2:00 pm in Tashkent, Dushanbe and Ashgabat)