Cooperatives made sales of 5.4 billion MNT of raw materials in 2020

Commodity Cooperatives In 2020, The Mongolian National Federation of Pasture User Groups (NFPUG) produced 36.7 tons of yak wool, 11.4 tons of camel wool, 726 tons of sheep wool, 30 tons of goat cashmere, and 49,100 head of cattle. In addition, 11,424 pieces of leather, barley flour, and other products were supplied to the domestic market, making a sales of 5.4 billion MNT.

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Tsetserleg of Khuvsgul Aimag, The leader of Soum APUG Damjinragchaa.D:

N. Gonchigjav, the Tsuurai PUG leader in our soum, effectively monitors the seasonal and seasonal use of pastureland by herders and coordinates otor movements on time. He was active in supplying raw materials and provided 14.3 tons of wool to Erdenet Textile LLC and 75 kg of wool to Jinst Murun LLC.

Tsuurai PUG members organized a total of 69 herder households to prepare for deworming, and haymaking and the Soum CRH supported a request to prepare hayfields for re-cultivation.