Implemented a project to grow fodder on manure

In June-October 2020, a project to plant fodder in manure was implemented in the Pasture Users section of Mukhar Elged, Erdene-Uul bagh, Jargalant soum, Arkhangai aimag. As part of the project, herders from the PUgs rehabilitated the fences around the winter camp area, protected them from livestock, and planted green fodder by hand-plowing and spraying in the manure area winter camp.
A total of 13 households planted about 1.9 hectares of green fodder and prepared about 7.5 tons of hay, which required a total investment of 1 million MNT to implement the project funded by the GGAHP.

P. Chadraabal, a herder from the PUG in Mukhar Elged, Erdene-Uul bagh, Jargalant soum, who benefited from the project, said: A very successful and vital job. Herders of our PUgs are very happy about this. Therefore, we will continue to plant ourselves every year. On behalf of all PUG herders, I would like to thank the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) project of GGAHP. ”

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