The first milk product certified and fully traceable by #Responsible Nomads digital system is released in the market

The VitaFit Milk company has released first fully traceable milk products in the market certified by #Responsible Nomads standard and its digital traceability system. The “Ulzii” cream is produced by milk supplied by herders and farmers with healthy rangelands, healthy livestock, respective of animal welfare requirements and environment friendly herding and farming practices.

While supplying its raw materials from Resposible herders and farmers, VitaFit Milk company is committed to contribute to sustainable management of rangelands, respect animal welfare requirements and environmental protection. The Green Gold Animal Health Project of the Swiss Cooperation in Mongolia takes this opportunity to thank all participating parties in this project: herders and farmers from Sumber, Bornuur soums of Tuv aimag, the VitaFit Milk company, the Digital Medic company, the Research and Development center of the MoFALI, the National Federation of PUGs, Veterinary units and Governors of Sumber and Bornuur soum of Tuv aimags.