Responsible herders

Responsible herders

Global production and product selection have changed dramatically in recent years. For example, consumers want products made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Due to this global trend, the reputation and value of Mongolian livestock raw materials and products is growing. SDC's PHC project and the Mongolian Pastureland Users Association have been developing the “Responsible Nomads” tracking system since 2017 in cooperation with Digital Medical Company in accordance with international standards.

The system is linked to the registration database of herder organizations and national databases, and ensures the origin, quality and safety of livestock raw materials in accordance with six standard indicators. In other words, local herders and herder organizations pay attention to indicators such as pasture condition, animal health, well-being, quality of raw materials, and environmental friendliness to ensure the environmental friendliness, sustainability, and responsibility of livestock and livestock products. to learn the history.

Herders and PUGs are introduced to pasture sustainability and pasture management practices by standardizing information-based validation of every step of the process, from herder towns to end-users, from the best quality raw materials ( yak wool, wool, cashmere, hides, skins, and meat) and thus create a “Responsible Herder” who receives economic incentives.

According to the criteria of responsible herders, herders should be organized into groups based on their tradition of shared pastureland and implement animal husbandry and pasture management practices, conclude pasture use agreements with soum governors and organize annual summaries, and be an active member of cooperatives. Annual contracts with cooperatives and regular supply of raw materials are important, and they are interrelated with the other 5 standard indicators.

In order to assess the criteria for responsible herders, the cadastral database of the Land Management Agency and the responsible nomadic tracking system will be classified by level based on the records of herder organizations. This will ensure the responsible sustainability of the raw materials produced by herders and allow consumers to control them.

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