At the soum level, PUGs work together to form the Association of Pasture User Groups, or Soum Pasture Users Association (SPAA). Soum Pasture Users Association NGO is a non-profit legal entity authorized to support the activities of pasture user groups, ensure coordination, and represent their common interests and implement the following main activities. These include:

  • Coordinate and coordinate cooperation between PUgs, facilitate communication,
  • Provide coordination and support to PUGs in their dealings with local governments
  • Protecting the interests of herders in local government decision-making,
  • Coordinate all pasture use, protection and improvement activities with local governments based on herders' suggestions
  • Provide information, training, dissemination services and marketing services to herders and PUgs
  • PUGs will be provided with integrated management and leadership.

  • Membership is voluntary
  • Equality (rich, poor, men and women, age and sex)
  • Transparency (Any issue is open to the public)
  • Integrity (Only the principle of fairness should be followed in resolving issues)
  • Be independent (Soum and local associations will operate independently of aimag and capital city associations, and associations in aimags and the capital city will act as representatives of soum associations)
  • Decentralized management (Decisions are made from the bottom up)
  • Universal (Activities involving all members. It is against the purpose of the association to serve the interests of one or a group of people)
  • Not only herders but also other organizations and individuals can become members.
  • Specialized (Professionals can be specialized in specific areas, such as farmers, herders, farmers, etc.) & nbsp;

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