Structure, Organization plan picture of Mongolian national federation of Pasture User Groups


A non-profit, non-governmental organization with membership, serving members and society.


To be a leading and active investor in the development of herder organizations in Mongolia, as well as a key supporter and facilitator in creating a favorable pasture use environment in Mongolia and meeting the social and economic needs of herders.


Healthy pasture-Healthy livestock-Healthy food-Healthy Mongolian

Strategic objectives

  • Improve the management of herder organizations
  • Human resource development of herder organizations
  • Expand the ranks of herder organizations and strengthen economic capacity
  • Develop foreign relations and cooperation of herder organizations
  • Expand and strengthen partnerships between government and herder organizations

Structure and organization of the Mongolian National Federation of Pasture User Groups

The Board of Directors of the Mongolian National Federation of Pasture User Groups consists of representatives of soum association or aimag federation of pasture user groups and training, research, research and business organizations in 21 aimags and the capital city, and has an executive team, policy and oversight board.​​​​​​​

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