SCCs were established in three soums of Uvs aimag and the training was successful.

The training was successful

Herders from PUGs in Zavkhan, Khyargas and Umnugovi soums of Uvs aimag have been successfully trained to become SCCs. The preparation for the training was very well organized. As a result of the training, "Ev Neddelin Hishig" SCC of Zavkhan soum, "Ulzii Jargalantyn Namir" SCC of Umnugovi soum, "Chineeleg Khyargaschuud" SCC of Khyargas soum held a founding meeting, approved the rules and elected the Board of Directors and the legal entity to become a legal entity. compiled the document.

Good luck to the people of Zavkhan and Khyargas

You CAN.